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We'll recruit the best drivers for your company!

Do you have a shortage of drivers or have a high turn-over? If you are in the logistics sector in 2016, you surely do!

The drivers we delegate will get into your employment, speak and write in Engiish, know the British road system and traffic regulations, and are ready to fill in your test papers well.

Would you like to employ drivers who communicate efficiently, in nice, spoken English with your customers, your dispatchers, the warehouse staff and the policemen? Do you want to work with drivers that can send a written message, understand instructions, read road-signs and fill in the CMR?

Also, if you already have a fleet of foreign drivers, but communication needs to be improved, we'll teach you drivers to speak English for their job within the shortest time possible!

Make your drivers learn job-specific communication in 2 weeks! For this we are glad to provide self-learning materials, audios, books, e-learnings, tests, quizzes with keys and level-checks! We offer instant onsite and online company courses with video monitoring and individual evaluation! We've been helping and assisting the Central-European transport and logistics sector since 2005 and now we've arrived in the UK to offer our solutions for your company!

Our ENGLISH and GERMAN language packages

- for Hungarian drivers: Please visit the Hungarian Website!

- for Spanish drivers: Please visit out Spanish Website!

- for Serbian and Croatian drivers: Please visit the Serbian Page!

- for Romanian drivers: Please visit the Romanian Page!

How did we learn what you exactly need?

In 2005 the job specific language teaching of land transporters became our main priority when we first launched an English course to the taxi drivers and call centre of Főtaxi Zrt, the oldest taxi company of Budapest, founded in 1913. From then on, we were teaching the whole fleet of 800 drivers for seven consecutive years from our own, state recognised book, ‘English for Taxi Drivers’ (Hungarian title “Taxis Angol”).
In 2006, in cooperation with Gabor Baross Education Centre of the Hungarian State Railways (MÁV Zrt) we wrote the book called ‘English for Railway Workers’ (Hungarian title “Vasutas Angol”) and produced its interactive E-learning version. The book became part of their national
education programme for both inland and internationals cashiers, and ticket inspectors. As early as the first year of its publishing more than one thousand rail workers were learning from it. Between 2007 and 2011 within the frames of a Level 6 diploma-course, we were also training and preparing their logistics managers to the professional English and German language state exams and also took part in setting up the Level 6 curriculum. For several years we were Expert Members of the Boards of Examiners of the National Qualification and Credit Framework.
In 2008 when we got an offer to organize courses of English and German to the forwarders and truck drivers of the Hungarian branch of Reining Transport (member of the Royal Wagenborg Group), we decided to write similar language books for them as for the taxi drivers and rail workers earlier. These new books ‘English for Truck Drivers 1’ and ‘German for Truck Drivers 1’ (Hungarian titles: “Kamionos Angol 1” and “Kamionos Német
1”) in book and 2 X 60 minutes audio CD forms became very popular with the logistics sector. The Reining Transport did not only provide their drivers with these books but started regular courses of English and German in 40-60 lessons. After the training had finished, the drivers were tested by the Dutch headquarter. We have been strategic partners with Reining Transport for seven years now.
Since 2012 Versteijnen Logistics has been working with us, too. Their drivers are taught English and German in our own real time internet classrooms live under the continuous guidance and supervision of teachers, however still from home or one of the company premises.
We have also worked for Hungrail, the Hungarian Railway Diplomacy and the upper management of the Hungarian Railways.

Our Education Centre

Our main priority is teaching a language in the shortest time possible for working adults, therefore we prefer simplified grammar to extensive explanations, pronunciation transcripts to academic phonetics and job-specific topics and vocabulary to general language drills.

For truck drivers we use the materials from our own books: English for Truck Drivers 1 and 2 and Deutsche Sprache für Lkw-Fahrer 1-2 in Hungarian: Kamionos Angol 1-2 and Kamionos Német 1-2. After having taught the basics of communication, we teach the drivers to speak to the customers, the warehouse staff, the police, the customs officers, the doctors and most importantly the foreign dispatch centre and the route planners. We teach how to speak English or German during the pre-trip inspection, and dangerous goods transport. We teach the foreign language rules of labour safety and practise with entry tests. The learning material includes individual order handling and forwarding with polite, up-to date phrases that are made easy to memorize and remember.

The online lessons are carried out through an ultra-modern E-Learning system, in private internet classrooms where we can use a whiteboard, a text chat, our own teaching aids and we can also record, save and store the content of each lessons if requested so by the company for administrative reasons. We welcome guest visitors of the management team to the lessons as well that can even be invisible to the
students. We can place up to 16 drivers into one classroom while the students themselves are sitting in their own home surrounded by family members without any travelling time and expenses of accommodation. The courses generally take 20-60 lessons, during which we proceed with each student individually. We use a so-called ‘rotating-stage’ method. This how we make sure that everybody receives tailor-made attention and can learn in their own rhythm regardless of age or skills. The internet classrooms offer all the advantages of the audio-visual learning as loud repetition of words and sentences, live conversations, listening practice, visible texts, individual and group work and continuous, tailor-made support.

Our Job Centre
As for our Job Centre, we have recently developed our DriverBroker Branch to provide a complex, worldwide database for the manpower selection, recruiting and delegation sector, with special regards to professional drivers of all areas.
For further information on advertising and direct search possibilities and volumes, please get in touch with our Sales Representatives accordingly to your location and business area or simply send an enquiry to or call 01403887225 UK landline. If you call from outside the UK, please dial 00441403887225.