What does Rollschool offer to employers and drivers?
This website is not an advertisement portal. The Rollschool Job & Language Centre offers services for manpower recruitment in four languages. The employers and the job-seekers will not meet until the employer signs with Rollschool and Rollschool delegates the prospective candidate.

To which companies will a driver's application be forwarded?
When you upload and send us your CV, you expressy authorize us to forward your job application to our contracted partners offering employment. Your personal data will be handled according to the data protection act. Our data protection policy can be read in our Terms of Use.

Do the drivers have to pay for the delegation?
Our delegation service is free to drivers and other job seekers. What's more, Rollschool only senters into a contract for manpower recruitment with companies, which expressy declare that they were not to deduce the recrutiment fee from the driver in any ways.

Do the drivers enter into a contract with  Rollschool Job & Language Centre?
Using of the website www.rollschool.eu means you accept our Terms of Use. No other contract will be signed between the job seekers and Rollschool; these two parties will not enter into any other legal contract.  The Rollschool is not obliged to find the job-seeker employment. Any expenses that may arise during the job application procedure let that be call costs, travel expenses or any other expense or fee will be solely job seeker's expense and will not by any circumstance pe paid by Rollschool. 

Do the manpower seeking companies have to enter into a contract with Rollschool Job & Language Centre?
The manpower seeker and Rollschool enter into a service contract for manpower recruitment. This contract will list the agreement points between the parties, although we can generally say that the manpower seeker has the right to decide about the employment of a candidate within its own scope of decision, however, Rollschool has to be informed about the fact of employment or non-employment accompanied by a written reasoning within 3 days.

Can Rollschool Job & Language Centre be held responsible for a job offered or the drivers forwarded by them?
Rollschool will do their best to make both employers and job-seekers be satisfied with the service provided, therefore they get informed about the conditions and requirements of a job offered by a prospective employer, also request copies of the drivers' original documents and carefully read their CV-s. Nonetheless, Rollschool is not entitled nor obliged to check the validity of the incoming and forwarded data. Similary, Rollschool can not be held responsible for the activity, behaviour and further cooperation between the drivers and the companies.